Tip some back at the Barworkers Ball


Hey gorgeous bar slaves and cocktailistas! This night's for you (and your friends). The annual Mid-Winter Barworkers Ball raises a glass to all service industry workers 9pm-2am Tue/18 at Churchill. Don't worry, it's free to barwokers, there's free drinks, great music -- and games, of which I am a judge, bwahahaha. Here's the rundown from the release:

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS UNITED IN NIGHTLIFE! From the Sunset to Chinatown & the Marina to Bayview, the City's finest gather once more for booze, bites, dancing and hijinx.

FREE TO ALL INDUSTRY WORKERS (with proof of wmplyoment - bring a pay stub!)

COMPLIMENTARY cocktails 9pm-10pm, great damn discounts all night! 

Sonny Phono, who holds down "Rock the Spot" every Wednesday at Madrone Art Barwill be manning the decks as twilight comes on over Church & Market while Bus Station John will be bringing his ribald repertoire from Tubesteak Connection & DISCO DADDY / SFO as the bacchanal crests towards the witching hour.

Photographic flashbacks provided courtesy of FBFE.

Games include!

Blind whiskey tasting

Mixology contest with secret ingredients

Irish car bomb competition

Judges: Broke Ass Stueart, Caitlin Donahue of ADHM4U, Isla Murray of Botl Italic and Lone Palm, Marke B.


Tue/18, 9pm-2am, free to barworkers


198 Church, SF.

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